PureGro Organic Plant Fungicide & Pest Killer (16oz)


PureGro Organic⁣ Plant Fungicide ‌is a safe and effective solution for‌ keeping plants healthy and disease-free. It is trusted⁤ by agricultural farmers and uses natural ingredients to strengthen plant immunity and combat various diseases. Easy to use and safe for the environment, it is a ⁣reliable choice for⁤ plant care.


PureGro Organic⁣ Plant Fungicide ‍& Pest Killer is a​ 16oz spray designed to‌ effectively control and eliminate common‍ plant diseases⁣ and pests. Made with⁤ natural ingredients, it is safe for ⁢use around children and pets. This product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and⁤ easy to use, providing⁢ a safe ​and eco-friendly solution for plant care.

Key Features:

– Organic plant protection product
– Acts as a safe yet⁢ powerful fungicide
– Safe to use around children and pets
– Made ​with non-synthetic ingredients ‍like cinnamon and clove oil
– Helps control a wide variety of diseases
– ⁢Can be used on flower beds, ‍pots, lawns, gardens, fruit trees, and ‌ornamentals
– Easy ‍to ⁤use, ​just mix with water and spray on affected​ areas
– Made in the USA

Technical Specifications:

– Package Dimensions: 6.85 x 5.71 x 3.39 inches; 1 pound
– Manufacturer: Grow Seven
– Date First⁢ Available: May ⁢30, ⁢2018


-‌ Mix​ one teaspoon of Disease Stop per gallon of water
-​ Spray the mixture ⁣thoroughly on affected areas
– Apply early in the morning or late afternoon
– Reapply every 7 days ⁤for‍ best results


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