Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Variety Pack – 12 Cans



The​ Purina Pro Plan Urinary ⁢Tract Variety Pack includes 12 cans of wet cat food specially formulated to promote urinary tract health. ‌Each can contains⁤ high-quality protein, essential nutrients, and ⁣a balanced pH⁤ level to support a healthy urinary system in adult cats.

Product Features:

– Urinary health cat food
– Made with real⁤ turkey and ‍giblets or ocean whitefish
– Highly digestible formulas
– Provides ⁢focused nutrition with essential vitamins and minerals
– High protein formulas
– No artificial ⁣colors‌ or preservatives
– Manufactured ​in Purina-owned, U.S. facilities


– Available in pate⁤ form
– Contains low ‌dietary magnesium
– Contains ‌taurine, an amino acid
-‌ Variety packs available


– Designed ​for cats with urinary health issues
– ​Provides optimal nutrient delivery
– Supports unique dietary needs
– Suitable for cats of⁢ all‍ ages and breeds


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