Rapala 9626 Treble Hooks in 25-100 Packs – VMC Saltwater Favorite



The Rapala 9626 Treble Hooks come​ in ⁤packs of 25 to 100, made by ‌VMC, ‌a trusted ‌brand ‌in⁣ saltwater fishing. These durable hooks feature ⁤a sharp and strong design, ‍perfect ⁢for catching a variety of fish species with ease.

Key Features:

– Available in 25, 50, and 100 hooks ⁣per pack
– VMC traditional O’Shaughnessy 4x strong treble hook
– Forged from high-carbon steel
– Extra wide gap for improved catch rate
– Suitable for saltwater ⁣fishing


– Size: #8 – 1/0
– Material: High-carbon steel
– Finish: Permasteel
– Pack Options: 25, 50, 100 hooks per pack


– Ideal ⁤for saltwater fishing
-⁤ Penetrates hard parts of game fish jaw
– Trusted by ⁣lure makers and fishermen for strength and sharpness at an affordable price


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