RAW Kelp 2lb – Organic Plant Hormone Biostimulant for Growth


RAW Kelp is a versatile‌ and organic plant elixir that promotes robust growth and enhances‌ plant performance. It is suitable for​ various cultivation methods and aligns with organic gardening practices.


The RAW Kelp 2lb is an organic plant hormone​ biostimulant designed to promote ⁢plant growth. It contains a high concentration of kelp extract, providing essential nutrients and hormones for healthy development. This product is suitable for all types of plants and can⁢ be used throughout the growing‍ season.

Key Features:

– Organic biostimulant sourced from pure ocean kelp
– Enhances⁣ nutrient uptake for healthier plants
-⁤ Can be used ⁤for seed soak, foliar spray, and ​root growth
– ​Can be combined ⁤with RAW Humic Acid
– Designed to be used in conjunction with RAW Soluble⁢ Micro-nutrient Line


– Analysis: 0-0-1
– Soluble Potash (K2O): 1%
– Derived from: Kelp (Ascophyllum Ndosum), Potassium‍ Hydroxide


– Recommended ⁤for ⁤seed soak, foliar spray, and root growth
– Can be ‌used in conjunction with RAW Humic Acid
– Feeding chart available⁣ for easy application


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