RAW PM Wash 1 Gallon – Residue-Free Plant Maintenance Solution

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RAW ​PM Wash 1 Gallon is ‌a ‌plant maintenance solution ‌designed to remove residue and⁤ build-up on​ plants ‌without⁤ leaving any ‍unwanted ‌chemicals or‍ residues behind. ‍This product is formulated to be gentle on plants while effectively cleaning and maintaining​ their health and appearance.

Key Features:

– Residue-free cleansing
– Gentle yet effective cleaning action
– Versatile application for various plants
– Non-toxic ​formula
– Enhanced photosynthesis for healthy growth


-⁤ Available ‌in quart, gallon, 2.5 gallon, ⁤and 5 gallon sizes


– ⁢Especially beneficial ⁢in dry climates or arid conditions
– Use once ⁣a week (or more) in ⁣the evenings for best results
– Safe and easy⁤ to use,⁣ just spray and​ walk away


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