Rayora Fungicide 2.5 gal Jug



The Rayora Fungicide 2.5 gal Jug is a powerful ‌fungicide designed for agricultural use. It contains active ingredients to prevent and control a ‌variety of fungal diseases⁤ in crops.⁣ This jug has a capacity of 2.5 gallons and is easy to use for large-scale applications.
Key Features:
– Highly effective ​solution against a wide range of plant diseases
– Contains flutriafol ‌as the active ingredient
– Fast-acting and rainfast within two ‌hours
– Provides broad-spectrum control of stem, foliar, and‌ root diseases
-⁢ Ideal for⁤ use on turf‍ in lawns, golf courses, ​and landscape areas

-‍ Manufacturer: OHP
– ‍Available⁣ in a 2.5-gallon jug
– Date First Available: June‍ 7, 2022

– Target pests include foliar, stem, ⁢and root ‌diseases in turf
– Suitable for use​ in golf ‌courses, lawns, and landscape ⁤areas around public, industrial, and commercial​ properties
– Always ⁣read and follow the actual package for complete label verbiage


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