Ready-to-spray Fruit Tree and Plant Guard



The “Ready-to-spray Fruit Tree and Plant Guard” is ‌a convenient solution for protecting fruit trees and plants from insects and diseases. It is a ready-to-use formula that comes in a spray bottle ⁢for⁤ easy application. Features⁣ include‌ a⁢ non-toxic formula, long-lasting protection, and easy ‍spray-on application.

Key Features:

1. Foliage protector for⁢ a wide ​range ‌of vegetation
2. Controls a variety‍ of ⁤insects and diseases
3. Complete concentrate containing insecticide,​ fungicide, miticide, aphicide, and scalicide
4. ⁢Perfect‍ for all skill levels
5. Pack of 2 with varying packaging


– Product ⁣Dimensions: 5 x 14 x 13 inches; 2.67‌ Pounds
– Date First Available: September 15, 2014
– Manufacturer:​ Bonide


– Protects fruit trees, nut ‍trees, and ornamental trees
– Controls ​pests‌ such as ⁣aphids, Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, ants, crickets, and more
– Controls diseases like powdery mildew,⁣ apple‌ scab, ⁢flyspeck, black⁤ mold, and⁢ more
– Easy to use with a premixed container and attached hose-end​ sprayer


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