Regulate Select 1 Gallon Metalaxyl – Compare to Subdue Maxx



The Regulate ⁤Select 1 Gallon Metalaxyl is a systemic fungicide that effectively controls root and stem diseases​ in ornamental plants ⁢and turfgrass.⁤ It contains the active ingredient Metalaxyl, ensuring⁣ quick absorption and long-lasting protection. This product is comparable to Subdue⁣ Maxx, providing the same high-quality performance at a more affordable price.

Key Features:

– Systemic fungicide for ‌control of certain diseases in turf, ornamentals, and greenhouses
– Unique⁤ water-based formulation with low‌ odor
– Controls​ Pythium blight and damping-off in turf, yellow tuft⁤ in bluegrass,⁤ and downy mildew in St. Augustine grass
– Effective⁢ on established and newly seeded turf
– Compatible with most commonly used fungicide and fertilizer tank mixes

Technical Specifications:

– Active ingredient: 44.08% Metalaxyl
– For use on⁣ Residential, Instructional, Commercial,‌ and ⁢Industrial⁢ Landscapes, Golf⁤ Courses, Lawns, Public Landscape Areas, Parks, Recreational Areas, Athletic Fields, Sod Farms
– Targets turf diseases⁤ such as Pythium, Phytophthora spp., Downy ‌Mildew, and ⁤Yellow Tuft


– Apply before symptoms occur for best results
-⁣ Use on container, bench, or bed-grown ‌ornamentals ⁢in greenhouses or outdoor nurseries
– Can be applied through irrigation systems,‍ as a soil drench, or incorporated into growing ⁢media for ornamentals
– Suitable for use on non-bearing⁢ citrus, conifers in nurseries and plantations.


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