Revolution Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs – Natural Multivitamin Chewable



The Revolution Oral Flea Treatment ⁢for Dogs is a natural multivitamin chewable designed to protect your furry friend‌ from fleas.‍ These chewables are ⁣easy to ⁣administer and provide‌ essential ⁤vitamins for your dog’s‍ health, making it a convenient⁤ and ‌effective way to prevent infestations.

Product Details:

– Can be​ used monthly ‌for adult ‌dogs​ and⁢ puppies
– ⁢Different daily⁢ serving sizes based on dog’s weight
– ‍Free from GMOs, cellulose, canola, corm, and palm

Key Features:

1. Flea and tick prevention plus⁢ multivitamin complex
2. Tasty protection with hip & joint support,​ vitality, skin coat, ⁤and immune system
3. All-in-one ‍solution for convenient and ​hassle-free protection
4. Advanced formula developed by USA vets
5. Suitable⁢ for ‌all ages, breeds, and sizes


– Provide daily control against fleas, ticks, eggs, ‌larvae, and mosquitoes
– Support ‌hip joints, energy levels, skin coat health, and immune ⁣system
– Easy to add to dog’s food for monthly use.


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