Scotts® 2-in-1 Fungicide & Fertilizer, Prevents Disease, 13.7 lbs



The Scotts® 2-in-1 Fungicide & ⁣Fertilizer is a 13.7‍ lb ‍product designed to prevent disease⁢ in ‌your lawn while ⁣also promoting healthy growth. It combines a fungicide to protect​ against common lawn diseases and a fertilizer‍ to feed and​ strengthen your grass, offering dual functionality for lawn care.

Key Features:

– 2-in-1 lawn care product with ‍fungicide and lawn food
– Controls 27 types of lawn diseases including brown patch, leafspot, powdery ⁤mildew, and red thread
– Fertilizer feeds for⁤ a thicker, greener lawn‍ and strengthens grass ​down to the root
– ⁢Fast-acting formula starts working in 24 hours and provides up to four⁢ weeks of control
– For use on ‌most grass types
– One bag covers 4,000 sq. ft. of lawn


– ⁣Weight: 13.7 lbs.
– Coverage: 4,000 sq. ft.
– Contains systemic fungicide and lawn food


– Apply prior to disease symptoms when conditions are favorable for disease and/or during ⁢stressful periods
– Use a Scotts spreader for application
– Water the treated area for 15-20 minutes after application


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