Scotts® 2-in-1 Fungicide & Fertilizer, Prevents Disease, 27.4 lbs



The Scotts® 2-in-1 Fungicide & Fertilizer ⁤is a 27.4 lb ⁢product ⁤that prevents disease while providing essential nutrients to plants. It is designed to protect against common lawn diseases and promote healthy growth, making‌ it an‌ efficient and convenient solution for maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn.

Key Features:

– 2-in-1 lawn‍ care product ⁤with fungicide and lawn food
– Controls 27 types of lawn diseases
-‌ Fertilizer promotes thicker,⁢ greener lawn
– Fast-acting formula with up to four weeks of control
– For​ use on ​most grass types


– Weight: 27.4⁤ lbs.
– Coverage: Up to ​8,000 sq. ft. with one 27.4 lbs. bag
– Controls: 27 types of lawn diseases


– ‌Apply prior to disease‌ symptoms when conditions ⁣are favorable
– Use a Scotts‍ spreader for application
– ⁤Water treated area for ⁤15-20 minutes after application


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