Scotts MossEx 3-in-1 Ready-Spray for Lawns and Surfaces



The Scotts MossEx 3-in-1 Ready-Spray⁣ is ‌a convenient solution for‌ eliminating moss on lawns and surfaces. It combines a moss killer, ⁣lawn⁤ food, and iron supplement to promote ‍a‍ healthy lawn.‍ The product comes in a ready-to-spray bottle for⁣ easy application ​and provides coverage of ‍up to 5,000 square ​feet.

Key ‌Features:

– ⁢Fast-acting formula that controls mosses, algae,​ lichens,⁤ and liverworts
– Non-staining liquid treatment
– Kills moss ‌within‌ hours
– Connects to a garden hose for easy application
– Can be used on⁣ lawns, ornamental gardens, around homes, ⁢roofs, patios, decks, sidewalks, and more
– Treats up to 500 ⁢sq. ft. with one 32 fl. oz. ‌bottle


-​ Size: 32 fl. oz.
– Coverage: Up to 500 ⁣sq. ft.


– Apply on lawns, ornamental gardens, around ‌homes, roofs, patios, decks, sidewalks, and more
– Best results obtained with actively growing ⁤moss in the ‌spring or fall
-⁣ Do not use on ‌lawns when temperature exceeds 85°F
– Apply in calm weather or when rain is not predicted for ⁣the next 24 hours to ensure effectiveness.


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