Secure Magnetic Stethoscope Holder with Ear Tips Replacement & Clip



The Secure Magnetic Stethoscope Holder with Ear⁣ Tips ‌Replacement & Clip is a convenient accessory for healthcare professionals.⁢ It ⁣features a ⁣secure ​magnetic holder for stethoscopes, replacement ear tips, ⁤and ⁤a clip for easy ⁢attachment to clothing. Made⁣ of durable materials and easy to use.

Attributes Description
Professional Quality Waterproof and durable stethoscope‍ holster ⁣for healthcare workers.
Secure Closure ⁢System Magnetic⁤ closure for quick access and secure​ storage of ⁣stethoscope.
Upgraded Design Optimized for quick access, safe storage,⁤ and‍ easy re-holstering.
Universal Fit Adjustable to fit various stethoscope brands and styles.
No Hassle Warranty Lifetime warranty for product repair or replacement if needed.
Designed in the USA Quality product designed in the United States.


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