Shade Cloth Plastic Clips for Greenhouse Outdoor (50/100/200 Pcs)


The Sunshade Retainer Clip is​ a versatile and practical tool for outdoor activities and gardening, providing durable and secure attachment ​for shade⁢ fabric‍ and other materials.


These Shade‍ Cloth Plastic Clips are designed for securing shade cloth to greenhouse frames. Available in sets of 50, 100, or 200 pieces, they are made of durable plastic and provide a strong‌ grip, ensuring a secure attachment for ⁤outdoor use. Each clip⁢ measures approximately 1 inch‌ in length ⁣and is easy to install.

Key Features:

– Sunshade Retainer Clip
– Made​ of durable plastic
– Strong clamping force
– Adjustable and secure design
– Suitable for gardening, agriculture, ‌outdoor⁣ activities, and construction
– Provides shade, sun protection, and bird protection
– Must-have⁣ tool for outdoor activities and gardening work


– Product Size: 10.5*3.8cm/4.1*1.5inch
– Color: As shown in the picture
– Material:⁢ Plastic
– Package Includes: 50/100/200pcs sunshade net buckle retaining clips


– Used to fix sunshade net, sun screen, or sun outdoor products
– Ideal for attaching shade fabric‍ to various fixtures
– Suitable for various ​mesh fabrics with eyelets
– Can be used for gardening,⁣ agriculture,‌ and other purposes
– Provides ‌sun protection⁣ and safeguarding for plants


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