Short Treble Fishing Hooks 50 Pcs for Bass Trout



The Short Treble Fishing ​Hooks 50 Pcs for Bass Trout ⁢are‍ durable⁤ and sharp hooks designed for optimal performance in​ freshwater fishing. With a size of 4, these⁣ hooks are perfect ‌for catching bass and trout. The barbed design ensures that ⁢the fish ‌stay ⁢securely hooked during the fight.

Key Features:

– Hooks designed with‍ special barbs for increased sharpness‍ and lower mortality rate
– Made of‌ high carbon‍ steel for durability
– Available in various ​sizes (1#, 4#, 6#, 1/0#, 2/0#, 3/0#, 4/0#,⁤ 5/0#)
– Suitable for all kinds of fish
– Easy⁤ to install and disassemble
– Comes ​in a pack of 50 hooks


– Material: ⁤Stainless ⁣steel
-⁣ Packaging: 50PCS/bag
– Sizes: 1#,‍ 4#, 6#, 1/0#, 2/0#, ‌3/0#, ⁣4/0#, 5/0#


– Ideal for anglers looking⁢ to catch more fish with high-quality fishing gear
– Sharp enough to pierce hard scales and increase catch ‌rate

– Check size before ⁤purchasing
– Color may vary slightly ⁣due to different​ displays
– Contact seller for any issues or questions
-‍ Made with good workmanship for deep penetration and ⁤durability


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