Solid Gold Cat Food Variety Pack – Chicken, Tuna, Mackerel – 12 Pack



The Solid Gold Cat⁤ Food Variety Pack includes 12 ⁤cans of delicious chicken, tuna, and ⁢mackerel flavors. Made⁢ with high-quality ingredients to support feline health, this⁤ pack offers‍ a balanced diet for adult cats.⁢ Each can is⁣ 3 ounces in size, making it the perfect serving size for your pet.

– Brand: Solid Gold
-​ Made in ​the ‍USA
– NutrientBoost proprietary blend for improved digestion
– Variety pack of 12 wet cat food cans
– Includes different ⁣flavors like Five Oceans ⁣Shreds, Tropical Blendz, and Flavorful⁢ Feast
-⁤ Supports indoor and outdoor cats
– Packed with protein and vitamins
– Made with quality ingredients
– Perfect for picky ‍eaters
-⁢ Product Dimensions: 8 ⁢x⁤ 3 x 5.5 ​inches; 2.65 Pounds
– Manufacturer: ‍Solid Gold Pet LLC


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