Southern Ag Liquid Fungicide, 16 oz

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The Southern Ag Liquid Fungicide is⁣ a 16 oz concentrated formula designed to effectively ​control various fungal diseases on plants. It contains 96.3% Chlorothalonil as the active ingredient⁣ and can be‍ used ‌on‌ flowers,⁤ fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals to prevent and treat powdery mildew, black spot, and ‌other fungal‍ infections.

Key‍ Features:

– Controls a⁤ wide range of diseases on ornamentals, vegetables, and tree crops
– Contains 12.5% Chlorothalonil for effective disease control
– Easy to ⁢mix formulation with a‍ spreader sticker included
– Broad Spectrum Disease Control


– ​Use⁤ on ⁢ornamentals, bulbs, foliage⁢ plants, conifers, vegetables, and certain tree‍ and orchard crops
– Rates vary from 2 1/2 tbs to 4 tbs‌ per gallon depending on the plant type
– Mix with water and spray for application


– Ideal for controlling ⁢leaf spot, foliar blight, ​powdery ⁤mildew, rust, scab, botrytis, ⁤anthracnose, downy mildew, alternaria, blights, and blotches on⁣ various plants
-⁤ Suitable for both agricultural and home garden use


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