Southside Plants Air Plant Fertilizer Mist – 4 oz



The Southside Plants Air Plant⁢ Fertilizer Mist is a 4 oz spray bottle designed to nourish ⁢air plants with essential nutrients. This fertilizer mist is ⁤specifically formulated to ‌provide the necessary nutrients‌ for healthy growth and vibrant ​colors, ⁢making it ideal for use on a variety of ​air plant ​species.

Key Features:

-⁣ Unique and exotic “Air Plants” that absorb⁣ water and nutrients from the air
– Easy and⁤ carefree houseplants
– Requires soaking in⁢ water‌ once a week
– Comes with Southside Plants’ Fertilizer (16-9-25 NPK) for⁤ vibrant blooms


– Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 ‍x 5.5 inches; 4‌ ounces
– ⁤Item model number: 4224758031
– Manufacturer: Southside Plants
– ​ASIN: B07R17XJ3X


– Three different options for fertilizer: 8oz spray, 1oz and 4oz concentrates
– Easy to use, no mixing needed for 8oz spray
– Suitable⁣ for all plants, mist mini ⁣plants weekly and larger ones more often
– ⁤Benefits all houseplants and terrarium plants


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