Spectracide Immunox + Daconil Fungicide Spray Concentrate

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Spectracide Immunox ‍+ Daconil Fungicide Spray Concentrate is​ a dual-action fungicide⁣ designed to protect plants from a wide‌ range of diseases. It contains two active ingredients, myclobutanil and chlorothalonil, providing preventative and curative ​control against‍ powdery mildew, black spot, rust,⁤ and⁣ more.

Key Features:

– Spectracide Immunox ‍Multi-Purpose Fungicide Spray Concentrate
– Protects up to 2 weeks
– Cures and prevents major diseases on ⁤roses, flowers, and ornamental shrubs
– Rainproof protection
– Can ‌control over 80 plant diseases
– Concentrated formula
– Includes Daconil Fungicide Concentrate


– Size: 16 ounces
– Can be used on​ fruits, nuts, vegetables, trees, lawns, and ornamentals
-⁢ Needs to be mixed with water⁤ before applying


– Apply once every two weeks throughout the season
– Treat early⁤ in the season ​or at the first sign of disease
– Follow‌ label instructions for specific plants
– Use a garden sprayer to apply the solution


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