Spectracide Immunox Fungicide Spray 16oz, Protects 2 Weeks

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The Spectracide Immunox Fungicide Spray 16oz protects plants from disease for up to‌ two weeks. This product contains 0.08% Myclobutanil as its active ingredient, providing systemic protection against a variety of fungi. It can be​ used on flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees to prevent and control fungal infections.

Key Features:

– Multi-purpose fungicide spray concentrate for gardens
– Cures and prevents all major diseases on roses, flowers, and ornamental shrubs
– Rainproof formula that can’t be washed off by rain once dry
– ⁢Can ⁢be used on fruits,‍ nuts, vegetables, trees, lawns, and ornamentals
– Highly effective when used to prevent diseases or at the first‍ sign‌ of ⁤disease
– Easy-to-use and fast-acting insect, lawn disease, and weed control solution


– One treatment protects for ⁢up to 2⁤ weeks
– Apply once every two weeks throughout the season
– Mix with water in a garden sprayer at the rates directed on the label


– Use ⁢on roses, flowers, ornamental shrubs, fruits, nuts,⁣ vegetables,⁢ trees, lawns, and ornamentals
– Apply early in⁤ the season and continue until conditions favoring disease development are no longer present.


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