Strobe Pro G Granular Fungicide – Effective Fungicide Treatment



The Strobe Pro G Granular ​Fungicide is ​a highly effective treatment for fungal diseases in ​lawns and ornamental plants. This product contains the active ingredients Azoxystrobin ⁣and Propiconazole, providing ⁢long-lasting protection against a ​wide ‌range of fungal pathogens. It⁤ is easy ‍to apply and ideal ⁢for use on golf‌ courses, residential lawns, and commercial landscapes.

Key Features:

-⁣ Granular​ fungicide for ‌control of turfgrass ⁣plant diseases
– Formulated with Azoxystrobin and Propiconazole
– ⁢Treats leaf ⁢spots, patch diseases,‍ stem, ⁢foliar‍ and​ root diseases, fairy rings,⁣ anthracnose, molds, mildews, and rusts
– Can be​ applied with drop or rotary ⁤broadcast granular spreaders
– ​Suitable for use on lawns, golf courses, and landscape areas

Technical Specifications:

– 30 ⁣LB bag
– ⁤Active Ingredients: Azoxystrobin (.31%) and ‌Propiconazole⁣ (.75%)
– Not for Sale in AK, CA‍ HI, MA, MD, RI, SD
– Manufacturer: 83014012


-​ Target pests include foliar, stem, and‌ root diseases‍ of ⁢turfgrass
– Suitable for use in golf courses, lawns, and landscape areas around⁤ residential, institutional, public, commercial,⁢ and industrial buildings, ⁢parks, recreational areas, and athletic fields.


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