Super Concentrated Mycorrhizal Inoculant (1 lb) for Plants – Improves Nutrient Uptake


Wallace Organic Wonder’s Premium‍ Mycorrhizal Inoculant ⁢is a powerful⁢ and effective solution​ for enhancing plant growth, increasing yields, ⁢and improving nutrient and water uptake. It is suitable for ⁤a wide range of plants⁢ and gardening applications, making it a versatile and‌ valuable ⁢addition to any garden ⁣or landscape.


The Super Concentrated Mycorrhizal ‌Inoculant​ is a 1 lb powder that improves nutrient uptake in plants. It contains⁤ beneficial fungi to enhance root growth and nutrient absorption, promoting healthier and​ more vigorous plants. This product is ideal for use in gardens, farms, and horticultural applications.

Key Features:

– Developed by 2 time Guinness World Record⁣ Holder and 3 time World Pumpkin Champion Ron Wallace
– Super-concentrated organic, single‌ species of Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi containing only Rhizophagus Intraradices
– Increases flowering and fruiting, water and nutrient storage‌ and uptake, root growth
– ‌Promotes extensive root system, soil⁤ structure, and plant establishment
– Reduces drought ​stress ‌and water ​and fertilizer needs
– Helps grow 16 World Records in gardening


– Contains over 300 ⁢propagules ‍per gram, 135,000‌ per pound
– Does not contain any GMOs
– Can treat up to 90 plants​ per pound
– Suitable for use on vegetables, flowers, fruits, and‌ herbs
-⁣ 100% natural
– Great ‍for container and ⁣raised bed gardening


– Use at time of ⁣planting, when transplanting, or add to established plants
– ‍Ideal for​ small transplants or cuttings,⁢ potted plants, and amending soil or ​coco
– Can be‌ used on trees, grassy lawns, ⁢flowers, fruits, vegetables, roses, orchids, tomatoes, ⁤and herbs



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