Sweet Ice Cream Bean Tree – Fluffy, Tasty Fruit



The Sweet Ice⁤ Cream Bean‌ Tree produces‍ fluffy, sweet-tasting fruit that resembles cotton ⁢candy. It⁣ can grow up ⁣to 30 meters tall, with‍ large, bright ⁤green leaves and white flowers. The fruit pods contain ⁢edible ⁤pulp ⁣with a flavor reminiscent of vanilla‌ ice cream, making it a popular tropical tree among fruit enthusiasts.

Key Features:

– Tree loaded with bean-like pods full of sweet, fluffy ice-cream-ish tasting fruit
– Pods filled with black seeds covered in fluffy, white flesh that tastes like vanilla ice ⁤cream
– Fast growing tree with glossy leaves and white/yellow⁢ pompom type flowers
– Loved by kids and adults in every country it’s grown
– Organically grown using ​compost tea, no chemicals used

Product details:

– Originates from Central and South America
– Grows easily from seed
– Grows ⁣quickly with nitrogen-fixing nodules on roots
– Suitable for tropical and sub-tropical locations
– Can withstand occasional ⁣light​ frost or drought
– Lifespan ⁣of approximately 30​ years
– Can be fermented to make chichuri


– Can be grown in containers and brought indoors for winter in northern climates
– Hardy outside in zones 9-11


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