Thin Senko by Yamamoto

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The Thin Senko by Yamamoto is a versatile fishing worm designed for finesse‌ techniques. It is 4 inches ⁤long, features a slender profile and a ribbed​ body for enhanced action and vibration. Made of durable‍ soft plastic, ‌it comes in various​ colors to mimic different ‍baitfish.

Attributes Description
Yamamoto Thin Senko A new ‌take on the original senko with a reduced ‍profile and slender diameter, designed to entice fish looking for more action and a smaller profile.
Great Fishing Bait The 5″ Thin Senko is a more slender version of the popular 5″ Senko, ​great for finesse wacky or Neko worm fishing.
UNMATCHED QUALITY The Senko is a staple in the fishing world, known for its versatility and ability to catch fish in a variety ‌of ways. ‌
PERFECT FISHING​ LURE The original soft stick bait that sets the standard ​for fishing baits, with a secret ‍formula that no one else has been able to replicate.  ​
Quality Materials Made with high-quality materials, the Thin Senko ensures durability and performance on the water, making it ‌a reliable choice for anglers looking for a successful fishing experience.
Versatile Applications The Senko’s design allows for a wide ​range of fishing techniques, including weightless, wacky-style, Texas-rigged, Carolina rig, shaky head, and flipping jig, making it a versatile and effective bait for various ‌fishing ‌scenarios.



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