THKFISH Drop Shot Rig with Wacky Hooks 5PCS



The THKFISH Drop Shot Rig ‍with Wacky​ Hooks‍ 5PCS is a set of fishing ‌rigs designed for drop shotting and wacky ‌rig ‍techniques.⁣ Each rig features a ‍durable‍ hook and weight designed to attract and catch fish effectively. ⁣The pack includes 5 rigs for versatility and convenience.

Key Features:

1. High quality ready fishing rigs
2. Pre-tied drop shot rigs
3. Made of top quality components
4. Strong, reliable, weighted wire leader
5. Premium lead​ fishing weights
6.⁢ Stainless steel swivels
7. Mixed color plastic fishing beads
8. Sharp and strong wacky hook
9. Versatile​ and effective ​wacky rig
10. Tied with 16LB ultra clear line
11. Super sharp wacky hooks
12. Long leaders for customization
13. Comes with ⁣drop shot weights
14. Available in multiple sizes


– Brand: THKFISH
– Fishing tackle‌ manufacturing‍ experience: 20+⁤ years
– Types: Fishing rigs, jig heads, swivels, weights, lures, fly ⁢fishing
– ​Hook sizes: 1#, 3#, 1/0#,⁢ 2/0#
– Weight sizes: 1/6oz, 1/4 ⁢oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz
– Line Tension:‍ 16LB


– Ideal⁤ for beginners or those who struggle​ with tying their own rigs
– Saves time​ and trouble while fishing
– Suitable for bass fishing
– Can be used with or ⁤without weight
– Great for drop shot fishing method
– Easy to use and works well for beginners

The THKFISH Fishing Rigs are high-quality, ‍pre-made rigs that make fishing easier and more enjoyable. With a focus on quality components and⁤ versatility, these rigs are a great ​addition to any angler’s tackle box.


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