Thorn-Proof Gauntlet Gardening Gloves for Women/Men

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The Thorn-Proof Gauntlet Gardening Gloves are designed to⁣ protect hands from thorns and ⁤other‌ garden debris. Made for both⁤ women and men, these gloves feature puncture-resistant material, padded palms, and extra-long cuffs for maximum forearm coverage. Perfect for tackling tough gardening tasks with ease.

Key Features:

1. Wide ⁣range application⁢ for pruning roses, blackberries, cactus, holly, berries, and other prickly plants.
2. Made from high-quality 100%⁣ Cowhide leather for strength⁣ and durability.
3. Full protection with elbow-length gauntlet and extended cowhide ⁢leather cuff.
4. Comfortable and flexible design ⁤with ‍Gunn cut and Keystone thumb.
5. 100% satisfaction ⁢guarantee with 60 days ⁣money back and replacement policy.


– Material: 100% ‍Cowhide leather
– Length: Elbow-length gauntlet
– ⁤Design: Gunn cut and Keystone thumb
– Guarantee: 60 days ⁢money back and replacement


– Perfect for all types of gardening works, landscaping,‌ weeding, mowing, ‌branch cleaning, picking, pruning, and outdoor activities.


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