Thorn-Proof Leather Gardening Gloves for Men and Women – Large



The Thorn-Proof Leather Gardening Gloves⁤ are designed for both men and women in a large size. Made of durable, heavy-duty leather ‍with reinforced stitching, these gloves ⁣protect⁢ hands from ‍prickly plants and thorns while providing flexibility ‍and comfort for gardening tasks.

Key Features:

1. Pain-free gardening⁤ with solid design and extra-tough double stitched layer on ​thumb⁤ and top two fingers
2. Breathable A-grade goatskin leather for softer hands
3. Durable⁣ and long-lasting with extra padding and double stitching in ⁤high-use areas
4. Thoughtful gift idea‌ for ‌garden enthusiasts
5. Money back guarantee for peace of mind
6.​ Slim fit new design with extra leather ⁢stitching ‌on thumb, ​index,⁢ and middle finger
7. New sizing – buy one size ⁤bigger for regular size


– Material: A-grade goatskin leather
-‌ Design:‌ Slim fit with extra padding and ‍double stitching
– Guarantee: 30 Day Happy Pruning Money Back Guarantee


-​ Ideal for gardening, pruning‌ roses, and yard ⁢work
– Suitable ⁣for both men and women
– Makes a great gift for gardeners



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