Thorn Proof Rose Pruning Gloves with Forearm Protection



The ⁤Thorn Proof Rose Pruning Gloves with ‌Forearm Protection are designed to‌ keep your hands and forearms‌ safe while working ⁣in the garden. Made with quality leather and reinforced with durable materials, these gloves provide ​excellent grip, protection against thorns, and are breathable for extended use.

Key Features:

1. Reinforced palms and fingertips for wear and‍ puncture resistance
2. Thorn and scratch-proof for handling barbed ⁣plants
3. Ergonomically designed for comfort and flexibility
4. Easy to put on with open cuff ⁤design
5.⁤ Rose embroidery⁤ for a stylish appearance


– Available in various styles including chainsaw, welding, rescue, anti-vibration, firefighter, safety work, and climbing gloves


– ⁢Ideal ‌for gardening, landscaping, construction, firefighting, and other outdoor activities
– Provides protection against punctures, ‌scratches, and abrasions
– Suitable for handling thorny plants and rough materials
– Offers comfort and flexibility for fine motor tasks


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