Tiki Cat Grill Pâté Variety Pack, Real Flaked Fish, 12 Cans



The Tiki Cat Grill Pâté Variety Pack includes 12 cans ⁣of⁣ real flaked ‍fish in savory gravy. Each can⁢ is rich in protein‌ and free of​ grains, gluten, and GMO ingredients. The pâté is made in⁢ a human-grade facility and ‌suitable for cats of all ages.
Key Features:
-​ High-protein wet cat food pate
– Finely minced texture ​with hydrating broth
– 100%⁤ non-GMO ingredients
– Complete and balanced diet for cats of all ages
– Made with ⁣real, natural ​tuna

– Product ‌Dimensions: 10.5 x 2.64 x ‍4.13 inches;‌ 2.8 ounces
– Item ⁢model ‌number:‍ 43006
– ​Date First Available:⁤ September 1, 2020
– ⁢Manufacturer: Tiki Pets
– ⁤Country of⁣ Origin: Thailand

– Ideal for ‍cats who need a‌ high-protein,⁤ high-moisture diet
– Suitable for cats ‍and kittens of all ages
– Provides‍ a delicious and nutritious meal option for your feline friend


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