Quali-Pro TM 4.5 Fungicide



Quali-Pro TM 4.5 Fungicide is a potent ⁣treatment for fungal infections. Its technical specifications include a⁣ 4.5%‌ active ingredient concentration and a broad spectrum ​of control against various fungi. Features⁤ include easy application and long-lasting effectiveness.

Key Features:

– Broad spectrum control ​against​ foliar, stem, ​and below-ground diseases
– Contains Thiophanate Methyl as active ​ingredient
– Systemic, preventive⁢ disease control on cool⁤ and warm⁤ season ⁢turfgrasses and ornamentals
– Effective against major turf and ornamental diseases
– Safe to use on ⁣plants and⁢ can be ‍mixed with other⁢ fungicides
– Recommended application 2 to‍ 3 weeks ⁢before disease ‌appearance or‌ at first sign


– 2.5‌ gallon ⁢jug
– Active ⁢Ingredient: Thiophanate-methyl 46.2%
– EPA Registration:⁣ 66222-134
– ​Not ⁣for​ Sale to: AK, CT, NY


– Commercial Turf-grass & Ornamental:⁢ Golf Courses,⁤ Landscapes, Trees, Nurseries, Greenhouses


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