Token SC Fungicide (32 OZ) – Fludioxonil 11.8%



Token SC Fungicide is a 32 oz solution containing 11.8% of the active ingredient Fludioxonil.‍ It provides effective ‍control against various fungal diseases on crops, including botrytis, gray mold, and other common fungal infections. Easy to‍ use and suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

Key Features:

-⁤ Fast-acting on-contact disease control
– Contains 11.8% fludioxonil for proven disease control
– Broad-spectrum control against common turfgrass diseases
– ‌Liquid suspension concentrate formulation for easy mixing and application
– Manufactured by Atticus, LLC in the USA
– Not ‌available for sale in ⁣Alaska or Hawaii


-⁢ Package ⁣Dimensions: 7.72 x 7.4 x 2.52 inches;‌ 2.36 Pounds
– Date​ First Available: April 19, 2023
-‌ ASIN: B0C2ZW48Z9
– Country of Origin: USA


– Ideal for ‍use on golf courses, commercial and residential lawns, sod farms, sports fields,⁣ parks, and ⁤more
-⁣ Effective against foliar, stem,⁤ and root diseases in turfgrass areas
– Destroys ​disease spores before they can spread
– Provides fast disease pressure relief
– See label ​for complete disease control list and approved⁢ use sites.


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