Trifecta Crop Control 32 oz – Natural Pesticide/Fungicide/Insecticide



Trifecta Crop Control is a 32⁢ oz natural solution that serves as ‍a pesticide, fungicide, ​and insecticide. It ⁢is made to combat​ a wide range of plant pests and diseases, providing a ‍non-toxic and ⁢eco-friendly option for growers.

Key Features:

1. Maximum strength ready-to-use spray
2. Helps ‌combat mildew, mites, and mold on plants
3. ⁣Safe for use on‌ most plants
4. Farmer recommended
5. Made with a unique blend of food-grade essential⁣ oils
6. Guaranteed to work for you

Technical Specifications:

– Diluted at maximum strength 2oz per gallon ratio
– Contains ‍garlic, thyme, clove, and peppermint oils
– Nano-sized particles for maximum⁤ coverage
-⁤ Suitable ⁣for fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees, and more


– Point and spray to thoroughly wet plants
– Use to⁢ protect and cure powdery mildew, spider mites, aphids, and other‍ pests
– Test spray a few leaves before‍ full application
– Backed ⁤by ‌Amazon’s money-back guarantee for confidence ‌in purchase.


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