True Organic Liquid Plant Food 16oz – CDFA, OMRI Listed



The True Organic Liquid Plant Food 16oz is a CDFA⁢ and OMRI-listed organic plant food that⁢ is specially ⁣formulated​ to provide ‍essential nutrients to plants without the use of synthetic chemicals.⁤ It contains a balanced blend of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to promote ⁢healthy growth and development in plants.

Item Description
True Organic All ⁤Purpose Liquid​ Plant Food Contains 16 oz.​ liquid ‍fertilizer for safer ‌edible gardening including abundant organic fruits, flowers, vegetables,⁣ herbs⁤ and‍ foliage
How To Use Apply True Organic’s liquid plant⁣ food every two weeks during growing season. ‌Our ‌16 fl ‍oz bottle covers ⁣approx. 30 Sq Ft when mixed at‍ a rate of⁤ 2 ⁢oz per gallon ⁤of ⁢water
Made With 100% Organic ‍and Natural ⁢Ingredients True Organic plant fertilizers exceed industry requirements for clean sourcing and ‍testing for pathogens and are pet friendly
Specialty We manufacture all of our products in ‌the USA for the highest ‍quality, ethically sourced,⁣ organic plant⁣ foods and fertilizers
Farm To Table Our plant fertilizers offer more farm grade,⁣ certified premium organic ⁢content than any plant food sold⁢ today⁢ to‍ regenerate‌ the soil and ⁤produce healthier fruits and vegetables


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