Ultra Fine Mesh Garden Pest Barrier Netting for Plants

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The Ultra⁢ Fine Mesh ⁤Garden Pest Barrier Netting for Plants is a lightweight and durable netting that helps ⁣protect plants from pests like insects and birds. The netting ‍has an ultra-fine mesh that‍ allows ⁤sunlight, air, and water to ‍pass through while keeping pests out, ⁣making it ideal​ for use in gardens and greenhouses.

Key Features:

– Ultra-fine mesh protection for vegetable plants, fruits, flowers, and crops
– Air, water, and light permeable ​with oblong hole construction
– Versatile garden ⁤netting for pastures, orchards, and gardens
– Stabilized and durable with high-quality mesh netting
– Easy to use and can be cut into any ‌size⁢ as ⁣needed

Technical Specifications:

– Size: 10×52 ft with 10×10 ft⁤ plant cover protection
– Mesh size: 0.8mm x 1mm
-⁢ Material: PE stabilized and UV ⁣resistant


– Protects plants against birds, insects,⁣ and bugs
– Allows air, water, and light to pass through
– Can be⁣ secured ​with stones, soil,‌ or stakes
– Suitable for⁣ use on ⁢plants, trees, and shrubs such as peaches, cherries, grapes, and‌ tomatoes


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