Unisex Adult Yellow Work Gloves, Large Pack of 3

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The Unisex Adult Yellow Work‌ Gloves in size Large come in a pack of‌ 3. Made for multi-purpose use, these gloves are ⁢durable and⁤ versatile, offering protection during various tasks. Designed‍ to fit both men and‍ women, these gloves provide a comfortable fit and⁤ excellent grip for enhanced performance.

Key Features:

– Made of 100% A Grade Premium Pigskin Leather
– Size: Large
– Straight thumb design
– Washable leather
– Elastic ⁣shirred back for secure fit
– Ideal for drivers, auto industry, utility workers, warehouse


– Material: Pigskin Leather
-‍ Size: Large
– Quantity: Pack of 3 pairs


– Suitable for drivers, auto industry workers, utility workers, and ‌warehouse workers
– Provides comfort and protection for hands
– Easy to clean and maintain



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