UV Resistant Sunblock Shade Net for Plants and Patio



The UV Resistant Sunblock Shade Net for Plants and Patio is a ‌weatherproof net that offers protection from harmful UV rays, making it‍ ideal for‍ outdoor plants and patio areas. ⁤Made from high-quality materials, it is⁤ durable, easy to install, and provides reliable shade and sun protection.

Key Features:

– Blocks sunlight and heat
-⁢ Good air permeability
– Protects plants from overheating, frost, and pests
– Made of high-density polyethylene
– UV protection
– Multiple‌ sizes available
-​ Easy to clean
– Suitable for various applications

Technical Specifications:

– Product name: 4-pin sunshade net
– Material: Polyethylene
– Shading rate: 40-50%
– Various sizes⁢ available
– Package ‍includes: 1 shade‌ net


– Suitable​ for shading patios, gardens,⁣ yards, swimming pools
– Can be used to‌ cover plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits
– Ideal for roofs, balconies, windows, carports, greenhouses, and farms


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