Vet Handheld Vital Sign Monitor (SPO2, NIBP, Temp)



The ⁣Vet Handheld Vital ‍Sign‌ Monitor is a portable device used by veterinarians to monitor key vital signs in animals including SPO2, NIBP, ⁢and temperature. It features a bright LCD display, ‍audible alarms, and a lightweight design for easy use in‍ various ‍veterinary settings.

Item Description
Handheld Vital Sign Monitor The smallest and exquisite handheld vital sign monitor in⁣ the worldwide
Accurate Measurement Accurate measurement in 0.05% ​Low⁢ perfusion Index, world leading production in‍ the movement environment
Perfusion Index Provide ‌the parameter of PI( Perfusion Index 0.05%-20%)
Extreme Environment Measurement Accurate measurement in all kind of extreme ‍environment measurement such ⁢as⁢ neonatal and‌ shock patients
NIBP ‍Algorithms NIBP adopt SAWAA(Self-Adaptive-Waveform-Amplitude‌ –Adjust)algorithm​ and SAFD(Self-Adaptive-Fast-Deflation)algorithm
Operation Easy ‌operation by 3.5 inch color TFT
Vital Signs Parameters Multiple⁢ vital signs measurement parameters for collocation ‌optional PC100:‌ NIBP, Spo2, Temp; PC100SE: ETCO2, Spo2; PC100N: NIBP, Temp; PC100E: ETCO2, Spo2, NIBP; PC100S: Spo2


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