Veterinary Cat Dental Anatomy Training Model



The Veterinary Cat Dental Anatomy Training Model is a lifelike model used to train veterinary students in feline dental care. It‌ features realistic anatomical details including teeth, gums, and jaw structure. Made of⁢ high-quality materials, this model is an essential tool for hands-on‍ learning in veterinary dental ⁢procedures.



Product Material Environmentally friendly PVC
Product Weight 566g ‌
Support and Maintenance In-house support staff available for any issues or questions you may have
Usage Used in schools and colleges for educational programs, demonstrations, ‍and student study
Material Quality High-quality PVC material ‌with realistic shape, standard craftsmanship, light weight, and firmness
Portability Small size design is easy to carry and can be stably‌ placed on a⁢ table with the flat base
Anatomical Accuracy Amazing product with accurate and anatomically correct structures
Target Audience Veterinary students, patients,‍ massage therapy rooms, and educational settings


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