VEXPLO Offset Kayak Paddle Holder, Pack of 2



The VEXPLO Offset Kayak Paddle⁢ Holder is ‍a pack of 2 holders designed to ⁤securely store ⁢kayak paddles when not in​ use. Made with durable plastic, these holders ensure easy⁣ access to paddles while on⁣ the water. The holders have‍ an adjustable offset angle to fit different kayak‌ designs.

Enhance kayak transport safety Serves as a secure point for kayak ⁤carts, coolers, battery boxes, fishing crates, and dry bags on paddle boards
Offset ‌Design Creates additional space on ​the gear track⁣ for mounting various accessories
Multifunctional Securely store kayak paddle, fishing⁤ net, and pole on the grippers
Extended Bolts Longer bolts for enhanced compatibility‍ with various track ⁤rails
Secure ‌Grip Soft rubber rollers ensure ⁤a snug fit for your paddle,⁣ keeping​ gear⁣ stable
Effortless Setup Simply insert the gear track stud into cockpit track, slide to preferred position, and tighten securely


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