Vgo Goatskin Gardening Gloves, Long Cuff, High Dexterity (Size S, White)



The Vgo Goatskin Gardening Gloves ⁣in Size S, White, are designed for high dexterity and comfort. Made with premium goatskin‍ leather, they offer protection and flexibility for‍ gardening tasks. The long cuff‍ provides additional ‍wrist coverage, while the breathable materials keep hands cool ‍during ‍use.

Key Features:

1. Versatile applications for gardening and outdoor activities
2. Long cuff protection for thorn, dust, insects, and scratch protection
3. Wrist ​vein protection with goat⁤ leather reinforcement
4. 360° ​breathable and dexterous design‍ with natural genuine goatskin ⁢leather
5. Maintenance instructions included
6.⁢ Available in various styles such as chainsaw gloves, mechanic gloves, work gloves, safety gloves, and more


– Material: Genuine goatskin leather
– Cuff Length: 15cm
– ‍Design: 3D cutting at finger junction, one piece covered fingertips
– Usage: Gardening,⁢ outdoor activities, ​protection against thorns, dust, insects, ⁣scratches


– Ideal for gardening, landscaping, ⁣yard work, and ⁢other outdoor activities
– Provides protection against various hazards such as ⁣thorns, dust, insects, and scratches
-‍ Suitable for both men and women
– ​Offers flexibility and breathability for comfortable wear throughout the day


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