Vgo Heavy Duty Synthetic Leather Work Gloves – Size L



The Vgo‌ Heavy Duty Synthetic Leather Work Gloves in size L are durable ⁢gloves designed for tough jobs. Constructed with ⁢synthetic leather for increased ‌grip and protection, they feature⁤ reinforced palm patches, knuckle protection, and durable stitching for longevity. These gloves are ideal for various work environments.

Key Features:

1. Versatile applications for power ⁣tools, ‌construction, ‌motorcycling, tactical and DIY heavy-duty works
2.‍ Impact and vibration reduction with 3D-structured PVC patches on the back and high​ dexterity EVA padding
3.‍ 180° covered fingertips with 3D cutting for tailored‍ fit, flexibility, breathability,‌ and comfort
4. Touchscreen compatible thumb and index fingertips for smartphone control
5. Soft terry cloth for sweat wiping
6. Machine ⁤washable for easy cleaning‍ and maintenance


– Material: PVC,​ EVA padding
– Touchscreen ⁤compatible: Yes
– Machine washable: Yes


– Ideal for tasks that require higher protection against impact and vibration
– Suitable for various activities such as power tools, construction, motorcycling,​ tactical work, ​and ⁣DIY projects.


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