Vgo Ladies Gardening Gloves with Long Sleeves, Puncture Proof



The Vgo Ladies Gardening Gloves with Long Sleeves are puncture proof​ gloves designed⁤ specifically⁤ for women. Featuring ‍durable synthetic leather, adjustable cuffs, and extended sleeves, these gloves provide extra protection while gardening. Suitable for pruning, yard work, and handling sharp objects.

Key Features:

– Multi-purpose applications
– Abrasion resistance
– Thorn proof, dustproof, and insects prevention
– Touchscreen compatible
– Ergonomic fit
– Maintenance instructions ​included

Technical Specifications:

– Material: Soft synthetic leather with PVC patches
-⁢ Sleeve length: 19 cm/7.5 inches
– Touchscreen capability: Back of index ‌finger
– Pre-curved fingers‌ for flexibility


– Ideal for gardening, landscaping, camping, assembly,‌ DIY light duty works, and outdoor activities
– Suitable as​ a gift⁢ for female gardeners


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