Vgo Ladies’ Synthetic Leather Garden Gloves (Size M, Purple)



The Vgo​ Ladies’ Synthetic Leather Garden Gloves in size M and purple color are designed for comfortable and durable gardening wear. With a synthetic leather construction, these gloves provide protection and flexibility for various gardening tasks. Machine washable for easy cleaning.

Key Features:

– Synthetic leather palm and high stretch spandex back for dexterity ‌and breathability
– 45° angle cut at finger junctions for flexibility and comfort
– Pigskin leather⁣ sleeve for thorn proofing, dustproofing, and insects prevention
– Soft‌ synthetic leather palm with silicone print for abrasion resistance and ⁢anti-slip
– Machine washable ⁤for easy cleaning


– Length: 14​ cm/5.5 inches
– Material:⁢ Synthetic leather, spandex, pigskin leather
– Gender:⁤ Unisex
– Usage: Weeding, mowing, gardening, construction,⁢ outdoor activities


– Ideal for various gardening tasks such as weeding, mowing, pruning, and landscaping
-⁤ Suitable for ⁤light duty construction work and outdoor activities
– Can be used by both men and women
– Perfect ⁣as a ‍gift for female gardeners


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