Viagrow Neem Seed Oil: 100% Cold Pressed, 8oz, OMRI Listed



The Viagrow Neem Seed Oil is ‍a‍ 100% cold-pressed ‌organic ​oil that comes in an 8oz bottle. It‌ is OMRI listed, making it⁣ suitable for⁣ use in organic gardening. This oil is known for its ability to control pests and diseases, as well as ⁤promote plant growth and overall health.

Key Features:

– 100% cold pressed pure neem oil extract
– Sustainably sourced from the forests of India
– Main active ingredient is ⁤azadirachtin
– Biodegradable and OMRI certified
– Can be​ used on ⁣a ⁢variety of plants in different gardening settings


– ⁢Available in a 1 quart container
– Neem oil may solidify at ⁤cooler temperatures and should be gently thawed before use
– Directions for‍ use: mix 1 teaspoon of neem oil per one ‌quart of warm ⁣water or 1oz per​ gallon


– Regular foliar application will keep plants healthy from​ seed to harvest
– Spray solution generously on all ‍plant surfaces, including undersides of leaves
– Repeat application every three to four days for two weeks
– Can⁤ be used on ⁢roses, flowers, ⁢houseplants, trees, shrubs, fruits, ⁣vegetables, herbs, and ⁣more


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