Wacky Rig Tool: Easy Installation, 100Pcs for 3″-7″ Worms



The Wacky Rig Tool makes it⁣ easy to install worms ranging from 3 to 7 inches in‌ length. This set includes 100pcs of tools for convenient use. The⁢ tool features ⁣a ​simple ‍design for ⁢quick and efficient installation⁢ of wacky rigs.

Key Features:

– Wacky ‌rings ⁤for fishing wacky rig to prevent tearing ⁢or⁤ losing baits
– 2 sizes⁢ of rings for 3″-7″ soft baits
– Easy installation with ‌wacky rig tool
– Saves plastic worms and time
– Protects⁣ fishes by reducing harm from discarded lures
-‍ Natural posture for more bites


– Package includes: 1 wacky rig tool, 1 coiled ⁢lanyard, 100 silicone o-rings for 3”-4”⁤ worms, 100 silicone o-rings for 5”-7” worms
– Sizes available: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, ⁤1/2OZ


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