White Shade Cloth with Grommets, 90% Sun Shade Fabric 13x20ft



The White Shade ‍Cloth with Grommets is a 90% sun shade fabric measuring 13x20ft, designed to provide shade and protection from‍ harmful UV rays.⁣ It comes with grommets for easy installation and is made of durable material suitable for outdoor ⁢use.

Key Features:

– Made of‍ high-density polyethylene
– 90% shading rate and UV​ resistance
– 6-pin knitting for durability
– ‌Available in various sizes
– Comes with grommets for easy installation
– Provides sunshade in​ summer and anti-freezing in winter
– Suitable for outdoor use in gardens, terraces, roofs, carports, and more
– ‌Ideal for covering greenhouses, flowers, plants, and fruits

Tehnical Specifications:

– Material: High Density Polyethylene
– Shading Rate: 90%
– UV Resistance: 90%
– Knitting: 6 pin


– Provides privacy and obstruction in ⁤outdoor areas like swimming pools, patios, entrances, parks, and more
– Keeps vegetable⁢ gardens and greenhouses cooler
– Protects plants from direct sunlight while allowing water and air passage
– Helps prevent frost and snow damage to‌ plants
– Suitable for use ‌in various ​outdoor settings


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