Women’s HydraHyde Leather Work/Gardening Gloves | Small, Aqua



The Women’s HydraHyde‍ Leather Work/Gardening ​Gloves in size‍ small and aqua ​color⁤ are designed for durability and comfort during⁤ various tasks. Made with water-resistant leather,‌ these⁤ gloves provide protection while‍ allowing flexibility, ⁤featuring a shirred wrist and‌ reinforced fingertips ⁤for​ added strength. Ideal for gardening or light construction work.

Key⁤ Features:

– Water-resistant HydraHyde leather
– Leather ​palm ‍and reinforced ‌fingertips for increased grip and durability
– Adjustable wrist with ⁢Comfort Closure
– Breathable ‍spandex back for a comfortable fit
-‌ Versatile for gardening, housework, landscaping, ​farming, ranching,​ DIY projects,⁣ and more


– Material:‍ Leather and ‌spandex
– Size: Small (3204S)
– Color: Aqua
– ‌Made in the ⁣USA


-⁢ Ideal for⁣ various outdoor ⁣and ⁢indoor tasks requiring water-resistance, durability, and comfort
– Suitable for‌ gardening, housework, landscaping, farming, ⁢ranching, and DIY ⁢projects


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