Women’s Leather Palm Work Gloves, Small



The Women’s Leather Palm Work Gloves in size small are designed for durability and protection during various outdoor work activities. Made of leather with reinforced palm and fingertips, these gloves provide a comfortable fit with added grip and resistance to wear‌ and tear.

Key Features:

– 100% genuine deerskin palm for flexibility and softness
– Reinforced fingertips, first finger, and thumb for durability
– Stretch spandex back for a comfortable fit
– Lightly ‍padded knuckles‌ with neoprene insert for protection
– Comfort Closure adjustable wrist to keep out dirt and debris


-⁣ Material: Deerskin leather palm,⁤ spandex back, neoprene knuckles
– Color: Goldenrod
– Size: ​Small
– Usage:⁤ Low-abrasion work ‍such as roofing, maintenance, shooting, driving, gardening, power tool/hand tool usage, equipment operation


– Ideal for light-duty tasks that require flexibility and protection
– Suitable for a variety of ​work environments and tasks
– Comfortable ​to wear for extended periods of time.


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