XL/Bulk Kit by Doc Bud



The XL/Bulk Kit by⁢ Doc Bud is a comprehensive package designed for⁢ large-scale​ cannabis cultivation.⁣ This kit ⁢includes high-quality nutrients, enhancements, and supplements to maximize yields. The product features⁢ include a variety of​ soil amendments, fertilizers, and growth regulators tailored for bulk-growing operations.

Key Features:

– Contains dry treatments, foliar sprays, and root ⁤drenches that work together as a system
– Includes Quart size Brix, De-Stress, Transplant, ‌Growth Ionic Drench,‍ Cationic-Drench, Tea, Roots!, Re-Charge, ‍and First⁤ Run Amendment
– Focuses on increasing ‍nutrient-density in ⁢plants
– Designed for Promix ⁢HP or⁤ BX ​and Sunshine #4 (without coco)
– Requires additional materials such as ProMix HP myco, Sunshine #4 or Promix BX myco, organic worm castings, proper growing environment, pots, and sprayer
– Made in the‍ USA with high-quality ingredients


– Includes enough products for 42 ⁣gallons of ‘cooked’ soil
– Suitable for beginner and experienced growers
– Website for ⁢detailed instructions: www.DocBudsBrix.com


– Easy way​ to grow vigorous, ⁣nutrient-dense flowers, ‍veggies, and ​herbs at ​home or in the greenhouse
– ‌Provides an easy,⁤ repeatable way to‍ grow strong, high-quality⁣ crops


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