XL Cal-Mag Plant Supplement – 2-0-0 Liquid Fertilizer 4 fl oz



The XL Cal-Mag Plant ​Supplement is a liquid ‌fertilizer with ​a⁢ 2-0-0 NPK ratio designed​ to provide plants with essential calcium and magnesium nutrients. In a 4 ​fl oz bottle, this product helps ⁣improve ‍plant ​growth, strength, and ⁣overall health without the‌ use of harsh chemicals.

Key Features:

1. Corrects common plant deficiencies by providing supplemental⁤ calcium and magnesium.
2. Increases bloom size and crop yield.
3. Liquid plant nutrient ‌fertilizer for⁢ easy application.
4. ​Promotes stronger, healthier, and larger plants.
5. Manufactured ⁣in the USA for quality⁤ and safety.


– NPK: 2-0-0
– Suitable for use in hydroponics, coco coir, soil, and ​other ​environments.


– Add water to the ⁢concentrate supplement ⁣and pour‍ directly onto the⁢ soil.
– Can also be used as a spray for vegetables, ‌fruits, and other crops.
– Ideal for home gardens and⁣ commercial industries.


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